The Pots

Routh Original Range
The classic Wold colours of sea green, brown, white, light blue and dark blue can still be seen in the original shapes created by Aidan Dixon at the first Wold Pottery in Routh, East Yorkshire. Beakers, jugs, vase, planters and bowls in the wonderful earthy colours continue to fill the shelves at Jill's Loftus outlet.

Routh range   Routh range   Routh range

Lattice-work Pots
Another classic design from Aidan and the early �50�s and based on earlier centuries old ceramic forms. From night lights to pierced vases, Jill carefully cuts out creative shapes in freshly thrown pots to create a lattice work before firing. The final effect is a gravity defying pot of great lightness and intricacy.

Lattice range   Lattice work   Lattice work

Leaf work
Woodlands near Jill�s home offer an unusual impetus to creativity as leaves are collected and their impressions applied to pots prior to colouring so that a unique stencil effect is created on the finally fired item.

Leaf range

Contemporary Ranges
Circular shapes on dark coloured pots gave Jill the inspiration to create a stylish new Cosmos range for the millennium and these bowls and pots are now a firm feature of the Wold catalogue.

Contemporary range   Contemporary range with triangular dish   Contemporary range

Spots and Dots
A delightful fun set of teapots, beakers and bowls has appeared over recent years and Jill continues to develop this style in a variety of colour ways.

Spots-teapot   Spots - general   Spots - bowls

Seaside Range
A departure into simple seascapes by Jill and influenced by Wold Pottery�s move to within yards of the rugged North Yorkshire coast. Simple beach, sky and seagull depictions are to be found on beakers, jugs and bowls.

Seaside - mug      Seaside - plate

Moorland Range
Complementary to the Seaside range and depicting those rich hues of the moorland landscape under differing seasonal light and shade. Vases, beakers, bowls and jugs which together offer a deep and lasting memory of the landscape near Wold Pottery.

Moorland range